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If you are researching goods and services in and around County Armagh it may help you to know that the Combilift 4-way forklift has improved the handling and storage of long loads in a wide range of industries across the globe.

While trying to find goods and services in and around County Armagh consider that the average 4 wheel sit-down ride-on forklift will need a minimum of a 3m (10ft) aisle in order to operate comfortably whereas a 3 wheel electric forklift is easier to manoeuvre and can be used in smaller spaces.

When searching for goods and services in and around County Armagh ensure you get a good demonstration of the machine you are considering, especially if you are looking at a used forklift. Driving a forklift around a car park for a few minutes is not comparable with using it in your warehouse. Arrange for a proper demonstration at your premises for a fixed period of time in order to give you the chance to identify any problems it may have.

Whilst looking for goods and services in and around County Armagh it might be worth considering that if you already own a forklift and are purchasing another one because you need to upgrade for any number of reasons, then it will usually pay you not to mention that you have a forklift to trade in until you have negotiated the best price on the new forklift.

If you are looking for goods and services in and around County Armagh then be aware that a factory worker was awarded damages of £40,000 when an electric reach truck slid into warehouse racking crushing his foot which eventually resulted in partial amputation.

Tip – If you are looking into goods and services near County Armagh remember that many companies rely so heavily on their forklift trucks that the whole chain of business can be stopped by one breakdown, therefore reliability is a key factor.
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